Sunday, August 22, 2010


So, naturally people are uncertain as how to address our family unit now. Friday's was the first that I didn't see coming and really made me laugh.. there was no stifling it. "Pseudo-Mom" Very original.

Well, below are some of the pictures take on our first family vacation. We had so much fun and I definitely wouldn't trade my pseudo-Mom blessing for absolutely anything. Vacation is even more fun through a 'pre-teen'/(child)'s eyes. Plus, the relaxation was well-overdue!

Shannon LOVED the towel animals... and Blake and I did too!

Shannon displaying where our little voyage took us:

In Cozumel, we spent the day snorkeling along the shore in a National Park called Chankanaab Park. Although the snorkeling pictures haven't been developed yet, some of our adventures elsewhere in the park have. For example, Bingo, the sea lion, was my boyfriend for the day. I received both a kiss on the cheek and then a kiss on the kisser!

Our second port was Calica, just beside Playa del Carmen. We were a little more adventurous here in that we met a great couple from Asheville, NC just off the boat and decided to rent a jeep together. The day was spent at Tulum, Mayan ruins, as well as eating and shopping in town.

Food, sun, expeditions, food, pool, chess, room service, turn down service, family time, fun and FOOD all made it a great trip and oh so hard to return to reality!


  1. You all are so cute! It looks like a wonderful trip! And I know that you are a great mother.

  2. Looks like ya'll had fun! I can't wait to hear about Mexico!