Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Devil

I'm back people and with a vengence (and story to vent) this morning.

I believe I shared before that we kept the stray boy dog, whom we named Chess.

Chess was the angel when we were trying to find him a home. Never messed in the house, doesn't chew, sits sweetly in your lap, etc. I took him to the vet and declared him ours and he is my little devil.. .. EVERYday. Take this morning for example:

I'm fixing my coffee and thinking "Chess isn't in the kitchen with me, wonder what he's up to?" So I walk into the family room. There squats Chess, beneath the Christmas tree, taking a POO to leave as a gift!!!!

I yell at him, give him a little smack, and hurry him outside the back door. My plan was that he would resume position and I could then clip the leash on him, but no.

Chess walked out the door in shame and then went on to SPRINT throughout the neighborhood. He refuses to listen. I think he understands that I haven't had my shower yet, it's my day off to get things done, my glasses are on, my housecoat is tied tightly around and I don't want take this bad-looking self anywhere outside my back door.

Fast forward to when I meet a neighbor, whom I have never had contact with before, through our car windows. She informs me that my little brown dog is in her cul-de-sac. I turn the car around, zip to that part of the neighborhood, he's fraternizing with yet another unknown neighbor. My shameful self has to climb out of the car, looking a mess, to take the cowering Chess out from behind this man's legs. Excellent.

I tell the man, "I'm soooo sorry. You've just met the devil. Hope you have a nice day"

Chess is now cowering beneath the Christmas tree because every time he moves, I shout. OMG!