Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well I spent the entirety of yesterday with my oh-so-wonderful roommates and one duplex neighbor from Auburn. Collectively, we refer to ourselves as du-mates. I love them each so much (and their hubbies for sharing their Saturdays)! Pictured are all the lovely ladies: Ho-J, Ging-ger and Harm, and yesterday's missing attendants are Taylor and Julieann.

Delilah Grace joined us as well. My niece was asking me the story of Lilah two weekends ago and it was so much fun to recall her beginnings. Lilah was all of our baby when first adopted. The name Delilah was given to annoy Ginger and Grace was given by Aunt Holly.

College sure was fun, but watching each others' lives progress is even more. Can't wait til the next du-mate reunion...

Monday, January 4, 2010


So, I just called one of our physicians on his cell phone. Surprisingly, he answered. Here's our conversation:

Dana: Hi. Dr. Snoopy*?
Dr.: Yes?
Dana: This is Dana Chambers, from the hospital.
Dr.: Yes. Hi Dana, how are you?
Dana: I'm fine thanks. Listen, this is going to be a funny story…
Dr.: mmhmm (wondering, "how did she get my cell")
Dana: Earlier today when you were leaving the hospital, I was driving behind you.
Dr.: Oh, you were?!
Dana: Yes. And when your hubcaps fell off, I honked at you.
Dr.: Yes, you did.(!)
Dana: Well, I don't want you to think that we were trying to rush you. I was honking because 2 hubcaps came off and you only picked up 1.
Dr.: Oh they did? My gosh, this is so embarrassing.
Dana: Yes, well the other one rolled to other side of your car and now I have it in my office.
Dr.: Oh good, because those can be very expensive! etc. etc. etc.

Turns out all people of all professions have bad days...