Sunday, July 5, 2009


Happy 25th birthday Blake!! As hard as I try, my poor husband never gets exactly what he asks for. Last year for his birthday we were living in separate cities and so I drove on a Tuesday night to surprise him with a birthday cake! A Italian Wedding Cake to be exact. That dang thing was quite complicated and took entirely too much time but I wanted him to have his favorite for his birthday…

He had no idea what type of cake it was. Turns out his favorite is Italian CREAM Cake, my bad.

This year I asked him last week what he would like and he asked for his Mom’s kahlua cheesecake… mmmmm… I lovingly obliged his request and made his special birthday cake ahead of time only to realize it didn’t look quite right. I couldn’t place the problem until we both realized that his Mom’s cake is chocolate, and my creation was not. Ahhhh…

I have no quality pictures of Blake’s milestone birthday seeing as how I have managed to misplace our camera. But I would like to celebrate his birthday and a few other special days that fall in this week as well by posting my favorite pictures of everyone:

Thursday, July 2, 2009


The daily devotional I follow reminded me of a forgotten truth last week. It read, “Someone has called Elijah's journey the place called there”. In 1 Kings, God always directed Elijah to go ‘there’ or for a widow to feed Elijah ‘there’ and later the house of Cornelius was ‘there’ to Peter. God is always letting us know where ‘there’ is in our lives so He can sustain and bless us.

‘There” might not always be the place we would naturally choose, however, the greatest blessing occurs when we are obedient and go. I have been exceptionally blessed in going to those places that are not in my plan and being reminded of those experiences is just humbling. Most unpredictable calling was China.

I am so blessed. I have married my perfect mate, been accepted into a God-fearing family, and now serving a great employer in our new home town. Blake and I love LaGrange and am confident that we are there and there is nothing sweeter than being in God’s good and perfect will.