Monday, January 4, 2010


So, I just called one of our physicians on his cell phone. Surprisingly, he answered. Here's our conversation:

Dana: Hi. Dr. Snoopy*?
Dr.: Yes?
Dana: This is Dana Chambers, from the hospital.
Dr.: Yes. Hi Dana, how are you?
Dana: I'm fine thanks. Listen, this is going to be a funny story…
Dr.: mmhmm (wondering, "how did she get my cell")
Dana: Earlier today when you were leaving the hospital, I was driving behind you.
Dr.: Oh, you were?!
Dana: Yes. And when your hubcaps fell off, I honked at you.
Dr.: Yes, you did.(!)
Dana: Well, I don't want you to think that we were trying to rush you. I was honking because 2 hubcaps came off and you only picked up 1.
Dr.: Oh they did? My gosh, this is so embarrassing.
Dana: Yes, well the other one rolled to other side of your car and now I have it in my office.
Dr.: Oh good, because those can be very expensive! etc. etc. etc.

Turns out all people of all professions have bad days...

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  1. Funny, you don't think about a doctor loosing his hubcaps! Hope you and Blake are doing well.