Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sidewalk Art

I wish I had our actual image to post, but perfectly timed, my camera was dead. Today Blake was disciplined by our rental property’s maintenance man. He’s a very friendly, cheerful individual but Shannon’s colorful display of sidewalk chart art was not well received.
See, I was under the impression that everything would wash away with rain like it did in my personal childhood memories. Therefore, Blake and I allowed our newest addition to the family, Shannon, to decorate not only our front stoop to the townhouse, but also the brick wall that contains it.

So… fast forward to when maintenance decided not to ask us to rub it off or spray it off with a hose. He instead brought a pressure washer and proceeded to pressure wash the entire complex- brick wall and stoops!

I felt very guilty when Blake shared this with me via a text message today. In fact, I decided to write a note of apology to pass along with our rent check. After coming home this evening though, I might also pass along a thank you note because the white sidewalks sure do look nice! J

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