Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have been ridiculed by, well, everyone who knows I “have” a blog for my lack of blogging. Take this my friends (and husband), twice in one night!!!:


In January (I think) I realized that at the young age of 24, I, Dana Chambers, have real wrinkles. I flipped out. It’s not so much that wrinkles are on my face, that is inevitable, it’s the age part. This wasn’t supposed to happen for at least another 4 years. That was my estimate at least.

My wrinkles are composed of four lines across my forehead from the constant wrinkled forehead that I hold in all facial expressions. After my discovery, I made a good faith effort to restrain from forehead-wrinkling expressions, then from all facial expressions for the reason stated before, then gave up. They are there. No lotion will do.

Here’s the best part, I was still dealing with this fact until about two minutes ago when my adorable husband came rushing down the stairs with “Look. Dana, stop what you’re doing and look.”

What was I looking at? Well he finally had the same awkward discovery in our small, ill-lit bathroom that I had nearly 5 months ago. He has the beginning creases of crow’s feet and they will be full form probably within the year…

Fortunately for us both, I have always endeared people with “happy lines”. I think people look very favorable with crow’s feet. So haha to him for having wrinkles, but boo to the fact that mine make me look old and his just make him look joyful.

Not fair at all.


  1. I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud for real! I remember when I first realized that I had wrinkes. And I will never forget the first time that Caitlin pointed out that she had found a gray my head!

    You are beautiful, and I am sure that your wrinkles look worse to you than they really are!

  2. Unfortunately it only goes down hill from here :) You're beautiful, and you'll always have less wrinkles than me!

  3. So it finally happened to you too! Mine started appearing at about 24 too. Also, I totally just saw your previous post about our dumate reunion! When I get back from Michigan we'll have to do it at my house (trailer haha)! And also start making plans for you Blake and Shannon to come spend a football weekend with us! Love you Dana Bo Bana!