Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh girls!

Friday is finally here! I'm sitting downstairs in my favorite chair (that Blake hates) with Lilah by my side. Chess, our stray dog that is still visiting, is sitting at my feet destroying a toy that Lilah has not played with since she received it for Christmas last year. And Shannon...

Shannon is not allowed to play her radio without closing the door. Blake just walked into the family room and asked me if her radio was up all the way... I'm so sure that it is. What's priceless though is hearing the foot rythm to her dancing her heart out. I love it.

I would join her just for laughs but I'm remembering my favorite quote from her this week after I had asked her to do something. What, I don't recall, but typically she would do the activity on her own:

Shannon: "uggghhh. Why do you always have to tell me to do things that I like to do?! It takes all the fun out of it!"

Oops :)


  1. Ha! Probably a lot of those moments to come :) By the way...not sure if you have seen the show America's Got Talent, but there is a little girl on the show that looks like a younger version of Shannon. I think her name is Jackie or something like that, but anyway...she reminds me a lot of Shannon. Hope you guys are well!

  2. I have to fight to keep a straight face when she comes up with things like that... and we love America's Got Talent! Shannon and I just started watching all of season 5 so we'll have to look for her look-alike. Miss ya'll!